Five Boys Response to Bullying (3 minutes -

Video from KarmaTube

After a group of 5th grade boys noticed a classmate with a learning disability getting teased, they banded together and made him a part of their gang.

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In tears. What a beautiful example of the power of truly being “indivisible.”  Thank you so much for sharing. Tweeting. Tagging. Sharing widely. A “trauma-Informed gang” of fifth graders. This next generation is restoring so much faith in humanity, seeing ways we are alike, and not so different, after all. 

Thank you, Melanie, for everything you do for so many others. Uplifted by your career as special education director, and adopting two children, bless you.

If every school created the caring culture and every neighborhood fostered empathy building in their homes, schools, service providers, systems, etc. our children would be surrounded by hope and healing.

These wonderful 5th-grade boys will be transformed forever and grow up to be compassionate gentlemen. So inspiring!