COVID19 and Disruptive Reconstruction: Making the American Dream Real Again... and for All


There is both a transformational opportunity today and a choice. There are advances in the science of learning and development, in understanding the science of stress, burgeoning discoveries in the neuroscientific understanding of the developing brain and new tools, technologies, and approaches to individual and community development, all of which could tell an optimistic story about the sources of human potential. But today we know that these are distributed inequitably across families and communities.

In addition, today we spend more than $90 billion on R&D for defense and health vs. less than $2 billion for education. The limited federal investment in evidence-based educational practices leaves our decision-makers with little to no guidance on where or how to allocate resources, but the stakes could not be higher today because we are not preparing our young people with the skills and competencies to successfully navigate this extraordinary disruption, while still pursuing fulfilling lives that enable social and economic mobility.

In this session, we will draw on the discoveries from the science of learning and development to answer the questions: What is any person capable of under the right conditions? Is all stress bad for you? What is going to happen to learning in the era of Covid? Learning is more and more likely to move with the learner, wherever the learner isβ€”what do we need to do to make that synchronous for all students? And how can we design learning environments that are flexible, integrated and use technology for both developmental and academic purposes?

This provocative conversation with Jim Shelton, Pamela Cantor, M.D. and Melina Uncapher, Ph.D. will connect the dots implicated between the frontiers of developmental and learning science and pathways to educational opportunity and social and economic mobility for Americans young and older.

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