How to Do the Social / Emotional in Schools: Trauma-Informed School Culture

The Hancock Inn, Hancock, NH

Join former colleagues, Brian Pickering (2016 NH Principal of the Year) and Emily Daniels as they co-present an unforgettable day of learning about transforming school culture.  Pickering and Daniels each contributed to reshaping the school culture of a local NH high school during their tenure together and want to share their acquired wisdom (achievements and failures) with others.

Pickering will present about his use of shared language, collective commitments, norms, building relationships across constituents, and taking risks as a building principal to meet the social/emotional needs of all.  Daniels will present about her role as a student assistance counselor – designing and implementing trauma-informed initiatives and interventions intended to meet the vast needs of vulnerable students and hardworking staff.

Participants will learn about the underpinnings of transforming school culture, the importance of social/emotional well being in school communities, the need for β€œin-house” cross pollination and support, and how to accomplish the first actions in becoming a trauma-informed school community.  Workshop participants will complete the day feeling inspired and empowered to move the trauma-informed revolution forward in their respective school settings.



33 Main Street, Hancock, NH 03449

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