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Preventing Disengagement, Early Indicators and Trauma-Informed Strategies

Curious what other schools are doing to successfully re-engage students?

In this webinar, we will draw on national COP ( communities of practice) learnings and SEL data to highlight effective strategies for virtual + in-person engagement. As well as showing schools how they can use an SEL-based Early-warning system to identify and deliver support. This webinar will heavily focus on strategies and tools over concepts.

Webinar Agenda:

- Key components of disengagement

- Strategies schools are trying and their outcomes

- What the SEL data is telling is working

- Implementing an SEL based early-warning system

Webinar Details:

Lara Kain, ACEsConnection staff member and the host of our last webinar Regulation Before Education, has guided Trauma-informed implementation for many years and since the pandemic has been hosting a national collaborative for leaders exploring trauma-relevant strategies.

Lara will be discussing what these leaders have found feasible and successful to drive engagement in remote, hybrid, and in-person transitions.

Additionally, Lara will be joined by Emote's founder and CEO, Julian Golder, who will be drawing on Emote's school SEL data and tools to complement the COP learnings.

By the end of the webinar, you will be leaving with a qualitative and data-driven understanding of where schools are seeing success around engagement.

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Can anyone recommend Free Trauma training for educators who need hours with
a certificate.
Thank you

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