The Regulated Classroom: Camp for Educators

Hancock, NH

SAVE the DATE:  July 30-August 1 (2 nights, 3 days) for a one of a kind training experience:  Trauma-Informed Camp for Educators!

Educators will spend two nights, three days deeply immersed in learning a trauma-informed teaching approach developed by Emily Read Daniels.  The approach, "The Regulated Classroom:  'Bottom-Up' Trauma-Informed Teaching," begins with the premise that educators must deepen their capacity for self-regulation in order to help traumatized students disengage from fight, flight, or freeze behaviors.

Camp will afford educators an immersive experience in the principles of The Regulated Classroom - Somatic Experiencing™, Responsive Classroom™, Project Adventure™, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.  This will deepen participant self-awareness and tools for self-regulation. 

Plus, what's more fun than spending time during the summer in the breath-taking Monadnock Region of NH?

Registration will open on March 23, 2018 at

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Andrew Anastasia posted:

Hi, Emily. Would this event be appropriate for college teachers?

Thank you!

Hi Andrew,

Yes, absolutely!  This training is suitable for any educator - as it's about combating compassion fatigue and bolstering self-regulation and nervous system resilience. 

I hope this helps... Emily