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Reply to "Trauma Informed Curriculum for 13-18 year olds that have experienced trauma?"

erin taylor posted:


I am wondering if anyone has any resources for curriculum or lesson plans targeting 13-18 year old adolescents that have experienced trauma. The goal is to teach them about potential trauma triggers, trauma reactions, what trauma is, resiliency, and personal wellness. There is a lot of information on these topics geared towards educating providers, but nothing for the kids who have experienced the trauma.



Erin, I would suggest you consult with the child's trauma therapist. Any child that has a trauma history should (and would greatly benefit) from having a "Trauma Trigger Management Plan."  Avoiding triggers creates a fine line to walk. In a classroom setting - I think it's very important to avoid triggers - in a personal confidential and therapeutic setting - where a child may want help processing a trigger - is a different scenario but should only be addressed by a team working with that student (therapist
Trauma responses can cause regression and you can end up losing a lot of ground with students. that (depending on how serious ) can take a very long time to recoup ground lost.

Resiliency is learned through experiences - so you want those experiences to be positive supportive and gradual. So Start out with building positive self-concepts. As you probably already know shame is a big part of trauma.  It's hard to know what to say as I would individualize based on history, situation, family input etc. Trauma is as complex and complicated as the brain science under pinning t!


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