I work at an Early Learning Center that serves Head Start and ECEAP preschool families. We are looking to bring ACES and Resiliency to parents, but want to do so in a way that is strengths-based and does not leave families feeling at a loss for what they can do to move forward from ACES they and their families may have experienced. I have found many resources between this website and some other internet searches, but we are very interested in learning about other organization's experiences with presenting this info to parents. For example, what worked/didn't work, what formats were used (PowerPoint, group workshops, a one-time or recurring meeting, etc.), and how organizations provide ongoing support to families after bringing this to them. 

We would greatly appreciate any insight, suggestions, or guidance from your experiences/knowledge! 

Thank you!

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In my community the local Head Start provider has implemented Trauma Smart and enjoys it greatly with reported positive outcomes. The organization is CCS Early Learning if you'd like to connect and learn more. I do not work there, but work for a health foundation that funded their Trauma Smart work.




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I work directly with preschool teachers and parents, training them in the application of The 7 Mindsets for Empowerment through Awareness and Compassion.  These 7 Mindsets (as determined through extensive research) provide parents with real mental strategies for improving their emotional self-management and for relating with their children in compassionate, aware ways that support the child's healthy development of cognitive skills in a context of social/emotional development.  The training occurs through individual and group exercises in applying the 7 Mindsets to their parenting and life challenges.  These exercises literally reshape the neural patterns of the brain to replicate those of individuals who have overcome life's severest challenges, accomplished the most amazing goals, and done so with meaning and happiness.  Just providing information is not sufficient.  This population requires real practices (that I coach them through) to exercise empowering mindsets that gradually replace trauma-based de-regulation patterns.  For parents wanting more in-depth work I provide weekly phone coaching sessions.  The 7 Mindsets are simple enough to be taught to elementary school students, and in fact this is happening in schools across the U.S. (see www.7mindsets.com for more information).  I would be delighted to discuss this further with you, including options for my pro-bono work with your particular population.  See www.themethodforparenting.com and www.schoolsupportmotivation.com for more info, and feel welcome to move to email at bob@boblancer.com

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