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I have been working and training with Trauma Informed Care out of Detroit for 5 years now and am currently connecting with Craig Beswick out of California (Learn4Life) on Creating Trauma Informed Care Nationwide. We are currently working with Jobs for America's Graduates on making their program Trauma Informed. I would be very interested in talking with you and seeing if I could help or connect you with Craig.

Brian Frick

I would be happy to share and connect

Hello Ariane, I have some suggestions:

  • Chapter 4 of The Connected Child (attached with permission) shows the disarming of fear to create felt safety in what I think is an approachable way that is easy to share with teachers.
  • An Article of "Trauma Informed Classrooms" from Adoption Advocate (attached with permission) gives some practical framework to what is needed in a classroom setting
  • TBRIยฎ Animate: Toxic Stress & The Brain - is helpful as well.

I provide resources for Southern California parents, schools, and community members to create Trauma-Informed environments - please let me know if you would like to connect to explore other resources!

Renae M. Dupuis
Trauma Specialist and Director, RESPITE Program


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