February 11, 2019

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 To Whom it may concern,

 I am writing you this post as a past president of the Michigan Association of School Psychologists and adoptive father of two foster children with special needs. My wife, Barbara, and I have written two books concerning educating and raising abused and abandoned children.  Because these books will be helpful to both parents and teachers I am posting this letter to education and parenting pages. They are: Some Way Home – A Memoir in a Myth and Crossing Infinity – Healing Our Children Ourselves. Both concern the healing of hurt children.

 In the words of Mary Day, Principal of Village Elementary School, Hartland, Michigan, 

 As a trauma informed elementary school, we found the book

Crossing Infinity - Healing Our Children Ourselves to be a fantastic resource for our staff. The examples in the book match closely the experiences of many of our students and their families.  This book allowed my staff to take the training they had previously received in trauma and to apply it in such a way that we are now on the road to becoming a trauma sensitive school.  Thank you for sharing this invaluable resource with us!

And from Brandi Huff, a special education teacher and parent wroth the following 5 star review:

I am a Special Education Teacher and a parent, and this book was recommended to me. I could not put it down. With 2 little boys (2 and 4) I don’t get time to read, but I made time to read this. Mr. Kenney captured the struggles of parenthood, he told what really goes on in every home, all the “stuff” that doesn't get talked about. Nobody's perfect, we are all learning how to raise children, and Mr. Kenney showed that in this book.

I applaud his determination to stay with this little boy, and his ability to take a kid that really could have continued the cycle of abuse and change him into a productive part of society. I personally don’t know if I could have handled it.

I highly recommend this book, and realize that no parent is perfect, but we all doing our best to raise our children.

These books are written to parents and teachers who are struggling to help these challenged children grow into loving and productive adults. More information about them can be found at our website - www.kid-epics.com. Hopefully, you can benefit from our work in your continued efforts to make our world a healthier place to grow and learn.

 I thank you sincerely,

 David J Kenney, School Psychologist    

Founder of www.kid-epics.com         


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