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Hey Suzanne,

I'm a school-based Trauma Educator in Northern California -- one of the conversations I keep saying hasn't happened yet is the connection between trauma-impacted kids and special education diagnosis. (A million years ago, before ACEs) my dissertation looked at outcomes for two categories of SPED: SED and EDBD - severely emotionally disturbed and emotionally disturbed behaviorally disordered -- now, with all the ACEs research we know that these are the kids -- mostly black and brown -- who are impacted by trauma, likely complex trauma. During my trainings I frequently get questions regarding different SPED diagnoses because trauma symptoms can mimic behaviors identifiable as ADHD, for example. 

So - my input on where there are gaps would be to address this open question of ACEs and SPED :-) Happy to talk more offline if you'd like... 

Hello Jennifer, Suzanne and Lisa,

I would love to join in this information exchange. I am a doctoral student and counselor. I have interest in the research gap you mentioned. I too have spent many car rides driving and pondering the intersection of ACES and SPED. I was even looking into TI modified resources which will support their FBAs, IEPs and other documents that travel with them from school to school. I would love to hear your ideas. 


I am just starting my doctoral journey in the Missouri and as an administrator I am looking at teachers perceptions of preparedness when working with students who have experienced trauma. What I would really like to know is if a teachers own personal ACES score affects their perceptions of preparedness when working with these students. 

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