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HI Elizabeth,

I have done a couple trainings in Virginia focused on this - I can share contact information for the organizers or share the evaluation results of the talk. I typically share a google drive full of resources; and my edited book Supporting and Educating Traumatized Students is designed to provide simple strategies for many educators to implement or consider. Feel free to message me if you want to chat more.

I have been working and training with Trauma Informed Care out of Detroit for 5 years now and am currently connecting with Craig Beswick out of California (Learn4Life) on Creating Trauma Informed Care Nationwide. We are currently working with Jobs for America's Graduates on making their program Trauma Informed. I would be very interested in talking with you and seeing if I could help or connect you with Craig.

Brian Frick

Elizabeth Cranford posted:


I am working on creating a list of possible PD ideas for my staff (elementary school in Winchester, VA). Our staff is very interested in learning how to appropriately support students who have experienced trauma or ACES (not what ACES are). They are asking for practical takeaways that they can implement in their classrooms. 

Who have you heard & loved? 

I work for a PD company and we work with Heather Forbes author of Help for Billy - we have online programming featuring Heather's book, her conferences and classroom scenarios with commentary. Over 40 hours of online video and mini courses in four tracks. We recommend using it in a blended approach so teachers and administrators can discuss. We focus on practical take-aways. 


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