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I’m new to the Ace Connection.  I’m excited to be a member.

Question:  I am pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education Administration.  I would like to do my master’s thesis’s on teachers’ personal ACE score and their perception of discipline practices in schools.  Does anyone know of research that addresses these issues (or something similiar)? Thanks in advance!

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For my masters I looked at the relationship between preschool teachers’ level of education and expulsion rates—quite interesting and the results were not surprising. 

Your proposed project sounds really interesting. I just saw an article, I think in the ACEs Research community, on teachers’ perceptions of discipline and their ACE scores. 

That sounds excellent!  I don't know of formal research, but I use Mentimeter in my trainings to compare and contrast the groups ACE scores with Resilience scores.  Not surprising, our graduate school counseling students had high ACE and high resilience.  I was a little surprised that my district teachers/staff group actually had a lower than average ACE scores.  I hope you'll share your outcomes!!


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