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Latest ACEs science research from PubMed, February 12, 2019

Hair cortisol in the perinatal period mediates associations between maternal adversity and disrupted maternal interaction in early infancy. Nyström-Hansen M, Andersen MS, Khoury JE, Davidsen K, Gumley A, Lyons-Ruth K, MacBeth A, Harder S. Dev Psychobiol . 2019 Feb 12. doi: 10.1002/dev.21833. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 30747450 elect item 3074 Child maltreatment is mediating long-term consequences of household dysfunction in a population representative sample. Clemens V, Berthold O, Witt A,...

New Chief of California’s Virtual Community College Wants to Help Solve the State’s Work-Force Problem []

Heather Hiles will be the new chief executive of California's fledgling virtual community college, the California Community Colleges system announced on Wednesday. The state's ambitious first online community college hopes to test its first cohort of students in late 2019. The college, the brainchild of former Gov. Jerry Brown, seeks to reach nontraditional students left behind in the education system — those with some college but no four-year degree, or those who have never been to college...

Why I believe Gregory Williams, and his book, Shattered By The Darkness, will help save lives and revolutionize healthcare.

When you first hear about it, it sounds unlikely, fact that something that happened to someone in utero, at the age of two months, or four years, or any time in childhood, is what is killing them as an adult, or making them want to die, or making them want to hurt themselves or others. Yet the connection between childhood trauma and adult disease, mental illness, addiction, suicide, violence – most all of society’s ills – is as irrefutable as the myriad truths revealed about it in the...

A new solution to the student housing crisis: retiree roommates? (

College students have been hit hard by California’s housing crisis, struggling to find affordable digs near campuses that in many cases are located in the state’s priciest markets. Interest in intergenerational living is percolating on a number of campuses nationwide. At rural Humboldt State, thriving cannabis and vacation rental industries have put pressure on already limited housing stock. Campus staff have collaborated with a local senior agency to host community events where seniors and...

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