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Excellent New Irish Probation Study (2018) : Aligns with Similar Research Nationally and Internationally

This study shows - once again - that it is not essential to begin every project with lengthy and expensive research, when immediate action and intervention is what counts. Thanks to #ACEs, the data is there already : not rocket-science, and no need to re-invent the wheel. [ ... Notwithstanding the small cohort involved, this research adds to the international body of evidence on trauma and substance use, criminality and homelessness . The research highlights the need for health and community...

Can people be saved from a terrible childhood ?

Perfect example of a Trauma-Informed-Approach, easily used and adapted to any-age or any-present-circumstances population. It's a heart thing - not rocket science ! ************************************************************* When Sabrina Bugget-Kellum walked into a neighbourhood clinic in New York for a routine appointment in in 2016, she was desperate. Her son was in prison. She was trying to look after his two young children, who were aged one and two. Their mother was emotionally...

Heal from Trauma - Nature's Way

[ ..... Reframing our cultural understanding of how trauma works is fundamental to creating institutional and personal strategies for healing that truly work ......... While there is a growing awareness in.....workplaces and communities about the prevalence of trauma in both personal and occupational contexts - including with children - a nuanced understanding of healing is still in the early stages..... ] [ ....“There’s tons of people getting trauma-informed out there ..... But people don’t...

Submission to the Seanad Public Consultation Committee on Children’s Mental Health Services in Ireland – May 2017

[ .......... The ACE Study can be used both as an essential tool to detect, understand, treat and heal physical and psychological conditions, as well as a road map to effect changes in our society, communities and our homes. The ACEs is a movement gathering momentum and achieving tremendous results, in all layers of society : in hospitals, clinics and private practice, schools, in health education, courts, prisons, and of course, in families and with individuals. It is producing huge savings...

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