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Cover Story November Issue of Journal of Family Practice: Childhood Adversity and Lifelong Health


I was honored to have my review article, “Childhood Adversity and Lifelong Health: from research to action”, chosen as the November 2018 cover story of the Journal of Family Practice.

Here is a link to the article.  Access is free after registration with the journal and retrievable directly by anyone who has Medline PubMed access.

 Highlights from the article include:

- recognition that the prevalence and diversity of adversity and trauma affecting development and health are much greater than the current medical model anticipates

- evidence-based Clinical Practice Recommendations

- description of current neuroscience research supporting the pathway from adversity, through inflammation, to chronic illness

- full-page summary comparing Risk Factors versus Protective Factors on an individual, family and community level

- key ingredients of trauma-informed care outlining the role of the clinical team and actions on the organizational level

- glossary containing definitions of concepts and tools for trauma-informed clinical care, emphasizing the role of neuroregulation

-a call to action to family doctors and all health care professionals to learn this profound science and embed it into their theory, teaching, clinical practice and research to move our nation toward healing and health.

 Although published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, this article was written with the goal of being both accessible and useful for professionals and patients alike,  for those new to the trauma field as well as those ready to dig more deeply into the physiology linking childhood adversity to its consequences and into evidence-based practice for its prevention, mitigation and treatment.

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Dear Audrey,

What a terrific summary and highlighting of the major points about ACEs, including the often minimized risk for autoimmune and other chronic diseases.

Congrats on this huge success of getting ACEs in front of family docs and other primary care providers. I'm so thrilled to see it and am sharing on my chronic illness trauma blog and FB page and more!!

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