Fighting Compassion Fatigue with CONNECTION


As one of the Trauma Informed Care trainers for my region, I work with community based organizations daily and see first hand the extent of compassion fatigue and how it manifests itself through burn out and secondary trauma. How do we fight this silent, gradual killer? We build connections. Whether it's in our schools or agencies, the barriers to forming relationships are present. Time, communication skills, authenticity,etc- there are several barriers than can block developing organization relationships. Identifying and overcoming those barriers go a long way to cultivating a sense of job satisfaction. When you love what you do, walking in a sense of purpose where you get to function in line with your values and belief systems, you will find it easier to be a bit more tenacious... bouncing back from adversity.

Check out my team building activity with local providers where they practiced relationship building skills to save themselves from the Human Knot. Fun goes a far way in the office!


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I'd love to learn more about the activity that you presented. I am working in a community health clinic in Los Angeles and am training the staff in each department on The Basics of ACEs Science and Resilience. We aim to prevent burnout, CF, and STS but also are working on improving the quality of life for our staff. The larger vision is to integrate this approach with staff so that when we introduce the patient care side, they will have already experienced it for themselves. I'd love to learn from your experience. Feel free to connect directly with me

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