Nadine Burke Harris' new book, The Deepest Well, weaves ACEs science and personal stories


Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, MD, MPH, FAAP/Courtesy of Center for Youth Wellness

In this short interview, pioneering pediatrician and author Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, the founder and CEO of the San Francisco-based Center for Youth Wellness, discusses her pivotal new book The Deepest Well. In the book Burke Harris weaves together the hard science behind adversity and trauma with personal stories.

It was a particular patient, Burke Harris explains, that led her to shift her research and practice. β€œFor a long time, I had suspected that there might be a biological connection between early adversity and health, but it was Diego, a seven-year-old boy who stopped growing after a sexual assault, who really forced me to dig deeper.”

Here are dates and locations for her book tour.

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