Resource: Screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in pediatric practices


Now that we know that trauma early in life can have a significant impact on an individual’s health and wellness throughout their life, health care organizations are beginning to focus on providing more trauma-informed care. Screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in pediatric, clinical settings promotes early intervention and can be a tangible entry point for organizations interested in providing trauma-informed care.  

The Center for Community Health and Evaluation is a nonprofit evaluation and learning team located in Seattle, Washington. We are the evaluation partner for two programs that are implementing ACEs/trauma screening in pediatric settings. The National Pediatric Practice Community on ACEs Screening is a pilot program of the Center for Youth Wellness to support health care professionals in applying ACEs and toxic stress science to pediatric practice and to shape the field of trauma-informed medicine. The NPPC pilot provides training, technical assistance, and practice coaching in pediatric ACES screening to a small group of medical practices across the country. The Resilient Beginnings Collaborative is a partnership between Genentech Charitable Giving and the Center for Care Innovations that supports seven safety net organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area in strengthening their capacity to address childhood adversity and promote resiliency in pediatric care.

We have compiled findings from that work into a brief and believe learning from these two programs can provide guidance to professionals of all types that are interested in or already implementing ACEs screening. Check it out!


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