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Santa Clara County ACES Network Summer/Fall 2020 Virtual Events

August 5  at 11 am-12:15   Zoom: Panel ACES Screening in Primary Care

September 9  at 11AM-12:15  Zoom : Pedi ACES Screen reveals DV witness workflow;ACES Aware Santa Clara County Grantee updates;Diverse ACES screening perspectives

October: Attend the VMC Virtual DV conference, SCC Virtual DV Conference ,

ACES & Trauma-Informed Pediatric Careβ€”SAVE THE DATEβ€”October 10, 2020 UCSF  will be hosting a special training on ACEs & Trauma-Informed Pediatric Care, focused on the science of ACEs and interventions, and the collective trauma of recent events including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on population social-emotional health, provider well-being, and the magnified, compounded effect on specific racial and socioeconomic groups. Speakers include Dayna Long MD, Ken Epstein LCSW, PhD, Saun-Toy Trotter MFT, Petra Steinbuchel MD Alicia Lieberman PhD, an early pediatrician adopter panel including Deirdre Bernard-Pearl MD, Paul Espinas MD, Elizabeth Grady MD, Omoniyi Omotoso MD, Miriam Rhew MD MPH, and community partners from Trauma Transformed, Family Paths, and First Five.

November 4  at 11 am-12:15 Zoom anel -Assessment  ACES screening and referral experience

  in Santa Clara County  12/1/2019-11/1/2020

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