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Sesame Street in Communities Takes on Trauma


Just this morning, Sesame Street in Communities announced its initiative to support foster children, foster parents, and the providers who serve foster care. Further, more trauma related topics will be addressed soon.

The upcoming programing is detailed in today’s The Atlantic article  “For-Now Parents’ and ‘Big Feelings’: How Sesame Street Talks About Trauma: ‘The Muppets can often do what humans can’t. They’ve got this special power.’ ”

"Through its Sesame Street in Communities initiative, Sesame Workshop partners with organizations around the country that work with young children. Sesame picked these issues—homelessness, foster care, and substance abuse—because it heard from these partner organizations that they didn’t have many resources addressing these things from a child’s perspective, a spokesperson told me.”

To explore the section on the Sesame Street in Communities website, click here.  This is the second of a three part initiative related to trauma, addressing key topics:  homelessness, foster care, and substance abuse. Difficult emotions and scary circumstances made easier to discuss and soothe, in the way only Sesame Street can.

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Quoting the story:   “What seems to me to be the active ingredient here is the normalization of these experiences for children,” Fisher said. “[It can be] really ostracizing and isolating for children to perceive that their circumstances are different than others’.

It seems an extremely difficult communication goal [with kids at least] to "normalize" the experience,  but at the same time say "what happened to you is not okay" --  soooo  we should try to say that "what's wrong is 'normal'" ?...   

Not sure here.  What do you think ?


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