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"Age of Opportunity: Lessions From the New Science of Adolescence" Sponsored by Frontiers of Innovation - Harvard Developing Child

Online Webinar (EST)

Friday, November 14, 2014
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. (ET) | 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. (PT)
Adolescence, as we now define it, lasts longer than ever. As is the case during the first few years of life, the adolescent brain is exceptionally malleable. New discoveries make clear that this time of life is crucial in determining a person’s ultimate success and happiness.

Please join our Frontiers of Innovation webinar as Laurence Steinberg addresses questions including:
  • How does neuroscience help explain why adolescents are more susceptible to risk-taking and behavioral health problems?
  • What makes self-regulation the central task of adolescence?
  • How can parents, educators, practitioners, and policymakers take advantage of this critical period of brain development?
SteinbergLaurence Steinberg, Ph.D. is the Distinguished University Professor and Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology at Temple University, the author of more than 350 articles and essays on adolescent development, and the author or editor of 17 books, including the leading college textbook on adolescence and, most recently, Age of Opportunity: Lessons From the New Science of Adolescence. His research has focused on a range of topics, including adolescent brain development, risk-taking and decision-making, family and peer relationships, school achievement, and juvenile justice. Dr. Steinberg is a frequent consultant on adolescence for print and electronic media, including The New York Times and National Public Radio.
The webinar will be hosted on a conferencing platform called Adobe Connect. To ensure that you can connect and participate in the webinar, we strongly encourage you to confirm that you can access the new platform by taking the Adobe Connect Connection Test.
When testing your connection, please ensure that:
  • You are using the computer on which you will attend the webinar.
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Please note: The link to log in to the webinar will be sent Thursday, November 13.

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