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Hi, I have children with very high ACE scores.  We've been parenting 4 of them part-time for 2 years, and now permanently and full-time for just over a year.  I'd like recommendations to pediatric neuropsych evaluators.  We have Kaiser, but haven't made any progress with them.  We'd certainly consider doing it independently if necessary.  Our kids are 7 - 17, would love to find a "package deal for 6 kids!"  :-)  

Also eager to hear any experiences of helpfulness/insight/success through this process.

Thank you,  Carrie.

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What are you looking to accomplish with neuropsyche evaluations. I recently had University of Michigan Genetics suggest Neuropsyche evaluation for one of my patients who was adopted and had severe aggression.   We opted out of that (It’s 10,000 at Michigan) as I have already educated about trauma, started Clonadine to get some of the aggression under control and sent the child to a NMT trained therapist. The only problem we have is that Being so Rural, and it’s Michigan, we didn’t have the specific specialists for each area of delay who are trained in trauma treatment but we are working on Regulation first and it’s going pretty well. 

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