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ACEs Parent Handouts & ACEs One Pagers & Link to GRC (UPDATED 4/28/21)

We have so many wonderfu l resources shared by members. However, a few of you have asked me for help in retrieving them. Here's several of the most commonly shared ACEs handouts, info graphics and one pagers, with links to download. PLEASE share yours! I'm working...

Child Care Relief Funding in American Rescue Plan: State-by-State Estimates [CLASP]

March 10,2021 Editor’s note: This article includes CLASP estimates on child care relief funding each state, D.C., and Puerto Rico will receive of the $39 billion included in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARP Act) For decades, our country has had a child care crisis fraught with inequitable access for communities of color, unaffordable care for far too many families, poverty-level wages for early educators, and razorthin margins for providers. This long-term crisis has been exacerbated by the...

Why America Is the Only Place in the World Where People Use PCP []

By Max Daly and Sam Iravani America’s forgotten drug is woven into the day-to-day fabric of poor inner cities dotted across the country. But it’s never gone global like crack or LSD, while some U.S. cities have remained impervious. Just a few miles from the White House, in Washington D.C.’s poorer neighbourhoods, the trade in PCP is alive and kicking. The hallucinogenic anaesthetic drug – mainly smoked via $20 PCP-soaked cigarettes called “dippers” – is the most frequently mentioned illegal...

Healing the Hidden Wounds from Childhood: The Promise of Healing, Part III (by Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D., Lt. Col., USAR, Ret.)

So many people are struggling with unhealed, hidden wounds from toxic childhood stress. For some, the pain is obvious. Others might look outwardly strong, capable, and in control. However, unhealed inner wounds cause needless suffering and can lead to a dizzying array of psychological, medical, and functional problems. Fortunately, there is hope for healing—even decades after traumatic wounding from ACEs occurs—enabling us to be 100% there for ourselves, our families, and others we work and...

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