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Healing in the Classroom: Juneau School Tries New Tack to Help Students []

By Michael S. Lockett, Juneau Empire, December 4, 2019 Just as a house built on a shattered foundation won’t stand straight, mounting research points toward a child’s earliest years as setting a pattern that will last their whole life. “What happens early in your life has really big and dramatic impact on the later parts of your life,” said Alex Newton, the counselor at Glacier Valley Elementary School – Sít’ Eetí Shaanáx. “All development for kids starts with their early caregiver...

Dr. Melissa Merrick Explains CDC's Vital Signs/ACEs Report [Prevent Child Abuse America]

Dr. Melissa Merrick, president & CEO of Prevent Child Abuse America, provides four key takeaways from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s latest Vital Signs/ACEs report , of which she is the lead author. Merrick also identifies several practical solutions for creating the conditions for safe, stable and nurturing relationships and environments for all children, families and communities, which are fundamental to preventing ACEs. Among these solutions is strengthening economic...

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He gives working opportunities for Palmer's at-risk youth; when his shop caught fire his neighbors chipped in (KTUU)

By Derek Minemyer, Oct 20, 2019, for KTUU PALMER, Alaska (KTUU) - A Palmer business providing employment opportunities for at-risk youth burned in a structure fire early Tuesday. Now, the owner is receiving support from the community he's helped to improve. Jim Beach was visiting family in Kansas City when he says he got a call from the Palmer Police Department telling him his business, an auto detailing service called Car Deets, had caught fire. "My first thought was I was just glad it...


The Cost of ACE's

Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Hello, Alaska has been working on a project highlighting the cost and impact of ACE's. I've been following their progress over the past three years and recently saw this great infographic they've created: Imagine if every state did this? My question: Do you know of any other states who've conducted similar studies? is there support for this research at the federal level? Are you familiar with the McDowell Group or other businesses...Read More...
September 8, 2016 - Anchorage, AK September 9, 2016 – Fairbanks, AK Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership will be hosting a workshop focused on the impacts of addictive behaviors and childhood trauma on suicide. Dr. Donald Warne comes from a long line of traditional Lakota healers. Dr. Warne holds an MD from Stanford University and a Master of Public Health from Harvard University. He is also a Diplomate of both the American Board of Family Practice and the American Board of Medical...Read More...

New Group - ACEs in Arctic

Trevor Storrs
Check out this new group - ACEs in the Arctic Group! The purpose of this group is to create an ongoing dialogue on childhood trauma and resilience between circumpolar communities and others interested in the Arctic. This dialogue will help to...Read More...
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