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Mental Health and Addiction Strategy

Today city council published its proposed Mental Health and Addiction Strategy [PDF], and it's going to council on Tuesday . This strategy is years in the making. Work that we have done during the #KeepCalgaryStrong Campaign, ongoing engagement with the city, the city's listening session with our members and our mental health advocacy,...

Community X Empowerment for adult children impacted by a parents addiction

WE ARE NOT ALONE Using our RESILIENCE to break the cycle of trauma and move forward with healing. Register Here: --------------- Approximately 1/5 children (including adult children) have experienced their parent's addiction, so we KNOW that we are NOT alone in our experiences. But we also know that it can FEEL incredibly lonely. That's why we have created this series: COMMUNITY X EMPOWERMENT In this 3 part series, Samantha Wettje ( 16...

"The Making and Unmaking of a Bully"

Today is Pink Shirt Day, a day to remind us adults of a child's need for safe and nurturing environments , including the children who have difficulty regulating their emotions. Here is a great article to help us understand the needs of children with bullying behaviours. ------------- "One of the most effective ways to increase the vulnerability of a bully and bring down emotional defenses is through the caring relationship with adults. It will fall to these adults to find a way to cultivate...

“They look at me like a person,” they said. “They talk to me like a person.”

A matter of life and death': U of C study details benefits of threatened opioid treatment program Jackson said the primary benefit of the program for many patients, according to their interviews, is the relationships they have built with clinic staff. One participant said iOAT granted them “a place where I can come where I feel safe… where people don’t look at me like a junkie, like an addict.” “They look at me like a person,” they said. “They talk to me like a person.” Read more: ...

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