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All Children Thrive - California (ACT-CA) aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children across California. The initiative is predicated on the idea that health and wellbeing are shaped by many factors and systems – and that, in order to create meaningful change, we must take an intersectional and collaborative approach. Together, residents, city governments, and representatives from community organizations will come together to collaboratively design solutions, ensuring that those most impacted are at the forefront of this process. And, through a learning network connecting these communities to each other, we will catalyze a movement across the state to positively impact the way that children grow, develop, live, work, and play.
The systems that shape the places where our children grow are routinely failing to meet the needs of far too many of California’s children, leaving young people with unresolved traumas that often last a lifetime. Adverse childhood experiences are prevalent, widespread, and growing; with ACEs being reported by children and families from across the economic spectrum. Nearly half of all children and youth are vulnerable – with the biggest impact falling on children who already suffer from the impact of economic, racial, and ethnic discrimination, and growing inequities.

The service systems intended to meet these needs (i.e. medical, education, child, and social welfare services), are overwhelmed and unable to meet the needs of our children. However, the growing vulnerability of our children is not just a failure of our service systems – this vulnerability reflects failure of the entire ecosystem that should be supporting healthy development for all kids in California.
Shape Perspective: Help cities realize the essential role they play in public health efforts to address child well-being, trauma prevention, and to advance equity.
Shift Power: Prioritize and embed community voices into the city policy and systems development process.
Innovate through Collaboration: Network cities through online communities to learn forward together, ensuring that those most impacted are at the forefront.
Drive Sustainable Change: Pass policies, re-engineer structures, and leverage new and existing funding sources to create an environment that meets the needs of families and creates a landscape for ongoing system improvements.
Community activation, communities and community members as co-designers.
The principles of ACT-CA are prioritizing children and youth, prioritizing youth leadership and voice, creating relationships that center each other’s humanity, and eliminating inequitable systemic barriers.
The shared values of ACT-CA are justice and equity, cultural humility, integrity, innovation, courage, and shared accountability.
The values of ACT-CA governmental partners are servant leadership, transparency, prioritizing prevention, community-driven practice, and building trust through disruption and power shifting.
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