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We are advancing ACE Awareness & Trauma Informed Practices and Resilience Strategies in our region and throughout Canada. We welcome participation from professionals, lay people, and first-voice members, recognizing we are stronger and more effective collaborating together.

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One state. One year. (Partial) Cost of ACEs = $5.2 billion.

In looking at the impact of childhood trauma, you can’t get much clearer than this: In 2017, ACEs among Tennessee adults led to an estimated $5.2 billion in direct medical costs and lost productivity from employees missing work. That’s just one year, according to the new report, “ The Economic Cost of ACEs in Tennessee ," released on Feb. 1, 2019 by The Sycamore Institute in Nashville, Tenn. And to provide some perspective, $5.2 billion is one-seventh of the state’s annual budget . This $5.2...

The ACEs Wave: Cautions and Considerations

The Public Health Agency of Canada broadcast a presentation in January 2019: The ACEs Wave: Cautions and Considerations. The presentation was given by two of Canada's leading experts on child maltreatment, Dr. Andrea Gonzales and Dr. Harriet MacMillan. They explore cautions and considerations regarding use of ACEs across clinical, policy and research contexts. Below are links to the audio recording and to the Power Point slides in English and French. "In recent years increasing attention has...

Finding the True Self: The Enneagram Prison Project

This is a link to a group Zoom interview/discussion moderated by Susan Olesek of the Enneagram Prison Project, based in Santa Clara, California and doing outreach to people who are incarcerated in several prisons in the US and soon to be expanding to other countries (~1 hr. long). The special guests include Dr. Gabor Mate, a physician and author with expertise on addiction. The other guests are people who have been incarcerated and who have lived with addiction. The revelations about who...

ACEs Parent Handouts & ACEs One Pagers

We have so many wonderful resources shared by members. However, a few of you have asked me for help in retrieving them. Here's several of the most commonly shared ACEs handouts, info graphics and one pagers, with links to download. PLEASE share yours! I'm working on maintaining this one blog post and will keep adding more. Please share whatever ones you know of, like, use, have created (with detail about if and how they can be used). Our own ACEs Connection flyers can be found in the...

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