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Webinar Oct. 17 — Integrating ACEs science in pediatrics: Early adopters share lessons from the field

An ACEs Connection webinar co-sponsored with 4 CA In 2017, California became the first state in the country to pass a law supporting universal screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in the 5.3 million children in the state’s Medicaid program. As clinicians around California await the state’s announcement of what this new policy will entail, many are wondering what it takes to integrate ACEs science in a pediatric practice. Meet Drs. Deirdre Bernard-Pearl, R.J. Gillespie and...

How Communities are Promoting Health and Responding to Climate Change []

By Michael Painter and Priya Gandhi, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, September 3, 2019 Across the United States, people are recognizing that climate change is a major threat to any vision of a healthy future. They are responding by developing solutions to not only avoid the health harms from climate change, but also actively improve health and limit climate change. In Austin, Texas, city officials have grown increasingly concerned about their residents enduring more days with extreme heat.

12 Myths of the Science of ACEs

The two biggest myths about ACEs science are: MYTH #1 — That it’s just about the 10 ACEs in the ACE Study — the CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study . It’s about sooooo much more than that. MYTH #2 — And that it’s just about ACEs…adverse childhood experiences. These two myths are intertwined. The ACE Study issued the first of its 70+ publications in 1998, and for many people it was the lightning bolt, the grand “aha” moment, the unexpected doorway into a blazing new...

A Texas Hospital Helps Children Build Resilience After Trauma []

By Claudia Deschamps, NBC News, September 16, 2019 There are significant long-term effects of not addressing trauma early. Building resilience is key to helping children overcome traumatic events, like a school shooting or a hurricane. Dr. Julie Kaplow, director of the Trauma and Grief Center at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, leads several initiatives focused on understanding how resilience works and how it can be used to heal trauma. [ Please click here to read more .]

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