Texas Health Centers Embrace Trauma-Informed Care for Victims of Child Separation, Disasters and Violence [directrelief.org]


By Paul M. Sherer, DirectRelief, July 29, 2019

As he sat on the exam table in a Dallas clinic, the five-year old boy’s face was completely blank. He wouldn’t speak a word or even turn his gaze to the doctor. In more than 30 years of practicing pediatrics, Dr. Farooq Habib had never seen a child so traumatized.

The boy and his father had migrated from violence-wracked Honduras. But instead of finding security in the United States, the child was taken away from his father by immigration authorities under the Trump Administration’s child separation policy. They put him on an airplane to New York, where he was held in a facility for several weeks.

Now, the child was staying with an aunt in Dallas, but seemed locked inside himself, refusing to eat, speak, play or interact with anyone.

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