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Growth through Trauma-Informed Strategies: Coaching and Consultation with Rick Griffin


There is a Chinese proverb that states, “If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain. If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees. If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people." The benefits are evident, yet the real question becomes, “how do you grow people?” This Big Idea Session, CRI’s Trauma Coaching and Trauma Consultation Training, answers this question.

Schools, organizations, and parents are discovering that the traditional “command and control” style of working with challenging behavior is no longer effective in today’s environment; instead, such behavior requires rapid response, leveraged creativity, resilience, and endless empathy in order to be productive.

However, trauma-informed professional development training is not enough. After ten years of dedicated work in the community, CRI has found that an intentional and repetitive approach within a framework of support brings about this effective community change. CRI uses the acronym KISS to illustrate this community framework approach.  KISS is our community capacity building framework for resilience Knowledge, Insight, Strategies and Structures.

Trauma-informed trainings typically address only the “Knowledge”-content. Rick Griffin states, "Because information on ACEs is really saturating the market out there, folks think that’s all there is to it. They haven’t been exposed to the concepts of epigenetics and community contextual resilience-that’s new information. And there's new research into usable strategies."

While K is important, CRI has learned that the “I” (insight) is critical. Insight leads to empathy, connection, and healing. And that comes with practice, practice, practice. Much like working out at the gym, we must practice the new strategies and build the new muscle memory- neural pathways- for our brain as we do for our body. With constant, consistent coaching and support for practice, we “grow people” with a trauma informed lens, in patience and love.

Without coaching and ongoing consultation, training rapidly loses its effectiveness, and often fails to achieve the lasting behavioral changes needed. Training is important, but it is an “event.” Coaching and consultation are the ongoing practice, which is a valuable next step to ensure that the new knowledge imparted, actually becomes learned behavior.  

This Big Ideas Session, the CRI Trauma Coach and Trauma Consultation training, is the start to that process.  Our approach is practical and engaging, ensuring participants are equipped with skills that can be applied immediately. This Big Idea session gives attendees an overview of the simple but powerful tools taught in CRI’s on-going process of trauma related skill development.


Rick Griffin is currently a CRI Master Trainer. Rick holds a Masters degree in Education and uses his education to develop cutting-edge content and to deliver engaging presentations. He speaks to thousands of groups all over the country and is widely recognized for his work with trauma-informed practices.  His experience allows him to consult seamlessly with schools, businesses, and community organizations.

Rick's Session Description is the second of CRI's newest 5-part series titled "Big Ideas in the Big Room." Stay tuned for the next showcase!

Rick will be presenting at the 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Conference in Pasco, WA. Click here for session information, or to purchase tickets.

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