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Monica Bhagwan with Guy McPherson (


@Monica Bhagwan was interview by Guy McPherson of The Trauma Therapist Podcast. Here's a description of this episode. 

Monica Bhagwan is a practitioner and thought-leader in applying an understanding of trauma and trauma-informed care to public health nutrition initiatives.

She currently serves as an educator and program manager at Leah’s Pantry, an innovative public health nutrition non-profit in California.

Leah’s Pantry creates resources, conducts community programs, and provides training to other nutrition professionals. 

To read the rest of this introduction and to check out the interview of Monica Bhagwan by Guy McPherson, please go this hyperlink. 

Please know that @Monica Bhagwan along with Adrienne Markworth are Community Managers of the ACEs and Nourishment community right here on ACEs Connection. We are proud of the work of our community members and managers.

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