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Moving from Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Responsive


While many organizations are trauma-informed, becoming trauma-responsive means looking at every aspect of an organization’s programming, environment, language, and values and involving all staff in better serving clients who have experienced trauma.

Moving from Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Responsive: A Training Program for Organizational Change provides program administrators and clinical directors with key resources needed to train staff and make organizational changes to become trauma-responsive. This comprehensive training program involves all staff, ensuring clients are served with a trauma-responsive approach.

This training program describes the ten-step process of becoming trauma-responsive:

  • Gain knowledge of stress, adversity, and trauma
  • Understand of the impact of organizational stress and trauma
  • Understand the concept and structure of a Guide Team
  • Assess and improve clients’ first experience with your organization
  • Assess and improve your organization’s physical space
  • Assess and improve your organization’s sense of safety
  • Understand the leadership qualities and skills needed to initiate trauma-responsive organizational change
  • Create a shared language and tools to address trauma
  • Implement evidence-based, trauma-specific curricula
  • Have each staff person create a personal self-care plan


Developed by leading trauma experts Stephanie S. Covington, PhD, and Sandra L. Bloom, MD, this program is an excellent primer to assist organizations in becoming trauma-responsive prior to implementing an in-depth trauma curriculum.

Moving from Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Responsive includes:

  • More than three hours of video
  • a Flash Drive with resources that can be easily reproduced for training participants
  • a facilitator guide with step-by-step instructions to assist facilitators in implementing the ten-step process of becoming trauma-responsive;src_url=itemquest

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