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New Book Integrates Trauma-informed Practices For End-of-Life Care


As a licensed clinical social worker, professional case manager, and Doctor in behavioral health student, my concern for colleagues on the front lines of care is absolute, The impact of the pandemic on our workforce is yielding unprecedented levels of collective occupational trauma. Exposure to high volumes of acutely ill and dying patients has exposed most professionals to more patient deaths over these past nine months than anticipated for their full career.

Reactive attention to suffering by high numbers of critically ill patients have replaced proactive dialogues on pain relief, symptom management, and quality of life. Ethical themes of managing surge capacity being forced to ration care are putting unparalleled pressure on workforce emotional health. In response, the industry has been forced to take a fresh, trauma-informed look at how care and treatment at the end of life is considered, assessed, and rendered.

My new book, End-of-Life Care for Case Management, provides this novel perspective, while providing students, seasoned professionals, and leadership in-depth education on:

  • ACEs impact on patient morbidity and mortality
  • Dedicated counseling interventions
  • Ethical parameters of practice
  • Health disparities and the social determinants of health
  • Interprofessional regulations
  • Legal determinations and documentation
  • Patient and family dynamics
  • Patient engagement and activation strategies
  • Population health impact of end of life over the life span, LGBTQ, and mental health
  • Reimbursement and revenue cycle management
  • Tackling Collective Occupational Trauma
  • Treatment team dynamics

A detailed flyer is attached with a detailing of included book chapters, plus a special 20% off discount code.

The industry has been functioning without a clear playbook in these crisis times. Yet, amid any crisis, there is one constant: knowledge yields great power. My new book strives to provide the necessary knowledge to support and facilitate your trauma-informed interventions with patients, their families, colleagues, and own support systems.


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End of Life Care Text Integrates Trauma-informed Practices

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