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New Episode of Transforming Trauma : Celebrating the First Year of Transforming Trauma with Sarah Buino and Brad Kammer


Transforming Trauma Episode 032: Celebrating the First Year of Transforming Trauma with Sarah Buino and Brad Kammer

In this special year-end episode celebrating the first year anniversary of the Transforming Trauma podcast, our host Sarah Buino and NARM Senior Trainer Brad Kammer reflect on this first year of Transforming Trauma!

Brad shares that when the NARM Training Institute was founded in 2018, the intention was “to do our part in bringing trauma-informed work to so many individuals, families and communities that are dealing with the effects of complex trauma.”  While the NARM Training Institute has been mainly focused on training mental health and other helping professionals in the NARM approach, they have also been committed to making NARM more accessible to those in need.

During a NARM Training in Chicago, Brad had the idea to create a podcast that would be widely available, free, and bring important messages about complex trauma to listeners everywhere.  He invited Sarah and together they worked toward creating a podcast that would capture the magic in the work to share with the world – and thus began Transforming Trauma!

Since January 2020, Transforming Trauma has had over 50,000 downloads in more than eighty countries, listenership has grown over 300%, and it has been ranked in the top 10 mental health podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

Sarah and Brad reflect on the inspiring guests they’ve had on who have shared their expertise, dedication, compassion and heartfulness in their work of healing trauma.  They reminisce about their guests from within the NARM community who have shared with great passion how they are applying NARM in various ways.  They also express gratitude to their other remarkable guests, including several experts in the field of trauma-informed care, as well as several social justice advocates whose work relates to the cultural and systemic dimensions of complex trauma.

They fondly reflect on the meaningful conversations and connections between NARM creator Dr. Laurence Heller, and the dedicated NARM Trainers who are bringing this work to communities around the world.  Sarah and Brad also share their deep gratitude for their Transforming Trauma production team.

As Sarah and Brad celebrate their first year of the Transforming Trauma podcast, they express how moved and inspired they feel to know that in their very first year, Transforming Trauma has made such an impact on people’s lives.  With humility and excitement, they commit to continuing to use this platform to promote and support personal and collective healing of complex trauma.

Listen to this episode of Transforming Trauma here:

About Sarah Buino:

Sarah Buino is a therapist, teacher, speaker, and podcaster. She owns a psychotherapy practice in Chicago called Head/Heart Therapy. In addition to being the host of Transforming Trauma, Sara hosts her own podcast: Conversations with a Wounded Healer examines the intersectional journey of healing ourselves while caring for others.

Sarah contact info:
LinkedIn:  @sarahbuino


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