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Not just another webinar series!


It's been three years since we launched The Resilience Champion into the world and boy have we learned a lot! We know that ACESCONNECTION is a community of people who share our passion of putting ACEs Science into action to improve the lives of those in your organizations and communities. You’ve had your aha moment about ACEs science and you want to do something about it. The upcoming live cohort is your chance to operationalize the principles of a trauma-informed approach and put them into action.

How will this series help you make a difference in your community or organization?

Improving staff wellness-- you will learn practical tools for wellness including mindfulness. Each week you will practice a mindfulness activity that you can utilize in your setting.

A shared language-- a trauma-informed approach is a culture change. Your team will translate the theory into practice by developing concrete skills in concise communication and intentional team building.

An actionable plan-- you (and your team) will utilize the concepts of a trauma-informed approach to develop vision that will nurture a sustainable action plan through time.

Continued network of support-- Joining the course introduces you to a network of inspired people who are doing this work across sectors, worldwide . You may even find partnerships (like a healthcare clinic & school who partnered in Arizona after our first cohort in 2018).

Check out what Karen McCrillis, a District School Counselor Coordinator at Gardner High School shared about her experience:

"The Resilience Champion Certificate was great! I liked the background info provided in The Basics and the "assignments" were great because it was all things we need to think about and should be doing anyway."

The Resilience Champion Live

Wednesdays, February 10, 2021- March 17, 2021

9:30am-11:00am (PT)


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