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Parent who listens is key to helping kids overcome trauma (


Excerpt from article by Dennis Thompson in United Press International.

Heartfelt talks between parent and child are essential to help kids overcome tough times and do their best at school, a new study says.

Traumatic events in a kid's life can cause the child to neglect school work and increase the odds that they'll wind up repeating a grade, researchers found.

But having even one parent lend a kind and caring ear appears to help kids work past the toxic stress caused by those events, resulting in better performance at school, according to the study.

A sympathetic parent has a stronger impact on a troubled child's educational performance than whether they eat regular family meals or live in a safe and well-kept neighborhood, said lead researcher Dr. Angelica Robles. She's a pediatrician with Novant Health Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics in Charlotte, N.C.

To read the rest of this article by Dennis Thompson published in United Press International, go here.

Cissy's Note: it's rare to find articles on the healing impact of parents, after ACEs, or in general. There's so much advice to parents but not enough listening and learning from parents. This article shows just how parents can best support kids after trauma. Of course we need safe and supportive schools, systems, and communities, but that doesn't mean we assume healing and support don't happen best at home. Sometimes, it seems we forget the power of parents and families when talking about ACEs and kids overcoming trauma. Families are sometimes the cause of trauma, sometimes the cause of healing, and sometimes both. As @Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz says, often, it's going to take #all of us.

Also, for a great piece on the power of listening, from @Claudia Gold, check out this resource. entitled Empathy & Listening as ACE-Informed Practice. 

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