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Project FORECAST - Becoming a Trauma-Informed Workforce



Project FORECAST uses simulation-based learning experiences to develop trauma-informed critical thinking skills. Take advantage of this free opportunity to become a FORECAST facilitator and join us in developing a trauma-informed workforce.

If you train students or child-serving professionals in the fields of: � Child protection � Law enforcement � Juvenile justice � Mental or behavioral health � Healthcare

Join Project FORECAST as a means of bringing your training to life while helping trainees gain trauma-informed skills and knowledge to help children and families recover.

View this 2-minute video clip sharing more information. 

Project FORECAST Learning Collaborative.

Project FORECAST is free for facilitators and trainees. 

DISCLOSURE “Katie Anderson” Understand best practices (minimal facts interviewing, mandated reporting, and investigative interviewing) following an accidental disclosure of sexual abuse in a school setting.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL “Caleb Perez” Develop the tools to navigate a child abuse and neglect investigation, starting with initial observations made by a nurse during an Emergency Room visit and subsequent investigative activities by Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) members.

INVESTIGATION “Hailey Miller” Learn about the processes involved in a child abuse and neglect investigation, starting with a mandated report and ending with simulated investigation activities (home visit, interview with family members).

FORENSIC PROCESS “Sammi Green” Delve into the forensic investigation process, exploring the MDT and their roles within the legal process, including how forensic interviews conducted at a Child Advocacy Center contribute to the investigation.

1. Register HERE.
2. Apply with a team of other educators and trainers in your community. 3. Attend two learning sessions (total of 5 training days)
4. Participate in monthly consultation calls for one year as you implement FORECAST simulations in your setting.
5. Support FORECAST national data collection efforts.

Cohort 7 Training Information:
Learning Session 1
January 22nd-24th, 2020

Learning Session 2
May 28th-29th, 2020

Hosted by San Diego State University on the SDSU campus.

Questions, please contact Dr. Audrey Hokoda, SDSU, ( or Project FORECAST director Dorothy Haskell (


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