Recently released research on ACEs; incarceration; separating families at the border

Behavioral risk factor surveillance system state survey on exposure to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs): Who declines to respond? [Children and Youth Services Review]

"A wealth of research has examined the prevalence and impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) via various research methodologies. Some of these studies have also examined the presence of nonresponse bias, showing minimal nonresponse bias effects. More recently, many states and the District of Columbia have used the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) to examine ACEs, however, limited research exists on the impact of nonresponse bias in ACE studies using the BRFSS."

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"A growing number of families immigrating to the U.S. from Central America are being separated at the border, including parents of children who are under age six. We explore what happens to these children once they are separated from their families by examining the nature of the services and programs provided while they are in temporary foster care. We then draw preliminary conclusions about the emerging impact of family separation on outcomes for these children."

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What is the Relationship Between Incarceration of Children and Adult Health Outcomes? [ Academic Pediatrics]


We sought to quantify the association between child incarceration in the U.S. and subsequent adult health outcomes.


We analyzed National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health data from 1,727 adult (Wave IV) participants first incarcerated at age <25. Using Chi-squared tests and multivariate logistic regression models, we compare adult health outcomes (mobility limitations, depressive symptoms, suicidal thoughts) among those first incarcerated at age â‰Ī14, 15-17, and 18-20, with 21-24 as the reference group."

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