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Resources Every Leader Needs for Becoming Trauma Informed


While serving as a Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Mississippi, I first learned about the concept of "adverse childhood experiences" through a newspaper article.

But when I wanted to learn more, I wasn't sure where to turn. After lots of research and trial and error, I found these resources to be some of the best. (Yes, ACESConnection is on the list!)

I'm convinced EVERY leader needs to be trauma informed. While there is significant focus on helping children overcome their adversity, business leaders (frankly, leaders of any community) need to understand how trauma shaped the person who now works for them.

Is there drama in the workplace? Have underperforming employees? High turnover or other concerns? There's a significant chance much of it is related to trauma.

If you would like your free copy of this PDF, just click the link and download:

Whether you are well versed in being trauma informed or just beginning your journey, I think these resources will be helpful. If you have other resources you'd like to share with me, please let me know. I'll include them in the next release!

(Sometimes web links get broken. If this happens, please type the address in your web browser and it will take you right there.)

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