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Sponsorship Opportunity to Help Community Resilience Initiative


CRI is seeking various levels of sponsors for our Fourth Annual Beyond Paper Tigers conference. We would love if you would consider partnering with us to assist our community's education, best practices, and treatment strategies. Sponsorships will help pay for speakers, meals, supplies, and conference activities. 

To partner with us at our highest gift level- as a lead sponsor- would bring profound impact to our conference. We would be grateful for the honor of calling you our lead sponsor, one who receives the highest tier of benefits. A lead sponsor would receive a logo on CRI's website, posters, print media, social media, each of the four venue banners, and on our advertisements and conference bags, as well as a full page ad on the inside cover of our program, a lead sponsor table to promote your own organization, and a generous product discount. 

Thank you for considering aiding us in our work to bring awareness to ACEs, Resilience, and the capacity of Community in the trauma-informed movement! For more information, or if you'd like to give CRI a gift of sponsorship, send us an email at 

View other Sponsorship opportunities below:

The 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Conference will take place in Pasco, Washington on June 26th and 27th. View more information:

Purchase tickets and register for the conference here:


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