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The ACEs Wave: Cautions and Considerations

The Public Health Agency of Canada broadcast a presentation in January 2019: The ACEs Wave: Cautions and Considerations. The presentation was given by two of Canada's leading experts on child maltreatment, Dr. Andrea Gonzales and Dr. Harriet MacMillan. They explore cautions and considerations regarding use of ACEs across clinical, policy and research contexts.

Below are links to the audio recording and to the Power Point slides in English and French.
"In recent years increasing attention has been given to understanding ACEs and their impacts on health and social outcomes throughout life. ACEs and approaches to understanding your "ACE score" have been profiled in books and websites and on TV and are even being championed by Oprah. This has led to more and more practitioners and policy makers advocating ACE screening or scoring. When ACEs are used or promoted without an understanding of why or what next, or when attention is taken away from upstream prevention and promotion, this can become problematic."

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 At the following link you can also find the PowerPoint slides in both English and French.!AnDx5ga1N6AO1gz3l5wFWJ5Z5j4e

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