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Thursday! Inaugurate your 2021 Workplace Wellness Steps. Troy Brindle Shares "How To"


2021-01-20 (5)

2021-01-20 (6)

Wellness at the workplace during this time of change

Can Workplace Wellness practices be done virtually in the midst of the continuing pandemic and social distancing?

How do you start a Workplace Wellness practice?

How does it make a difference?

How do staff respond?

Join us for this conversation on staff wellness and resiliency programming with Troy L. Brindle, Senior Vice President and COO of Access Services and National Vice President of Behavioral Health Integration for Refresh Mental Health, one of the largest behavioral health organizations in the country, who has worked on Wellness Practices at multiple locations throughout this time of COVID.

Service to others is rewarding, but struggling to manage stress, sometimes traumatic stress, can be challenging for health, mental health, first responders, and other service providers when providing care to others.

Participants will be able to ask questions during the virtual cafe session and get ideas to take back to their own workplaces.

This Virtual Café seeks to build an online community that acknowledges, addresses, and prevents traumatic stress, and will offer examples of workplaces that are supporting steps to worker wellness and resilience in Philadelphia and beyond.

Have your own story to share? Let us know!


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  • 2021-01-20 (5)
  • 2021-01-20 (6)

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