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Trauma, Development & Neuroplasticity Series with Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD (


I've been seeing so many posts of Facebook and Twitter about this series on trauma, development, and neuroplasticity being led by Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD that I have to share about it here on ACEs Connection as well. Please find details excerpted below from the EEGLearn website. 

Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD, describes her 6-part course about the major brain networks and therapeutic strategies to help recover from trauma.

This six-part weekly webinar will explore critical brain systems that are affected frequently by trauma and how altered functioning of each brain system can be associated with certain trauma-related symptoms.

The effects of a variety of present- and past centered therapies, including mindfulness training, body-oriented approaches, neurofeedback, heart rate variability training, brain stimulation, EMDR, CBT/prolonged exposure, will be then be discussed to illustrate how trauma treatment can lead to the restoration of critical brain networks and contribute to the healing from traumatic stress.

Sessions Tuesdays 3pm - 4pm EDT

  • 15 September -- 1) The Reptilian Brain and Trauma.
  • 22 September -- 2) Sensory Processing, Trauma, and the Development of the Self: Implications for Sensory-Based Treatment Interventions.
  • 29 September -- 3) The Major Brain Networks and Trauma: Implications for Daily Functioning of Trauma Survivors.
  • 6 October -- 4) The Sense of Self in the Aftermath of Trauma: Lessons from the Default Mode Network.
  • 13 October -- 5) The Neurobiology of Eye Contact and Shame: Implications for the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma.
  • 20 October -- 6) Trauma and Neuroplasticity: How the Brain Recovers from Trauma

For more details about this series (which costs $260.), please go here. 

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