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Webinar: Trauma-Informed Support via Text Message


We're excited to share this behind-the-scenes story of how the Ready4K team collaborated with First 5 Del Norte to create the country's first trauma-informed text message support program!

Hear directly from Angela Glore, executive director of First 5 Del Norte, about how she and her partner organizations worked together to connect the dots between community health goals and early learning opportunities. It's a fascinating story of how this rural community set out a big, hairy, audacious goal and came to a truly innovative solution.

Then Ready4K director of content, Rebecca Honig, shares how the Ready4K team collaborated with the Del Norte community to create a custom program. "[Angela] wanted me to see and feel some of those amazing strengths surfaced during the listening session," said Rebecca. "We wanted Del Norte custom content to feel familiar and warm and connected. Kind of like Angela was in your pocket!"

First presented at the virtual Head Start California conference this fall, we hope you enjoy!

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