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White Paper on 5 Key Elements to Trauma-Informed Care

The experience of trauma leads to or exacerbates mental illnesses, substance use, and physical health conditions, making it a vital component of any effective treatment plan. A trauma-informed care framework involves real-time strategies to promote staff and organizational wellness and equip organizations to retain their staff, reduce the number of critical incidents, and increase client engagement in their care.

This white paper from Relias discusses the 5 key components in implementing and maintaining a trauma-informed framework:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Paradigm Shift
  • Safety
  • Wellness and Self-Care
  • Everyone Included

Download this white paper at to learn:

  • 5 key components of an effective trauma-informed care framework.
  • Resources and assessment tools to help your organization become more trauma-informed.
  • National Council’s Seven Domains of Trauma-Informed Care.

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