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April 2021

Trauma-Informed Care for School Leaders: A Free, Interactive Workshop

The Rise to Resilience May workshop registration is now available! Our topic is Trauma-Informed Care for School Leaders. In this workshop, learn how to integrate practices of trauma-informed care within policy and practice as school leaders. Click here to register! You can join the Rise to Resilience Community Group on Facebook and help select future topics! Follow the page on Facebook and Instagram . Image Description: A blue-green background with flowers and leaves in a border on the right...

The Leadership Challenge of Our Lifetime: Creating a Strategic Recovery Plan to Maximize Staff Health and Program Outcomes

As someone who focuses on trauma-informed leadership and self-care as well as trauma-informed care, I've been working hard to get the idea of a Recovery Plan out there into the world. I wanted to share a training description with the PACEs community, not as an advertisement but what I think people need to be focusing on in this crucial time. I have just finished my first series with the United Way here in Denver and it went great and was well received by leaders. Few periods in recent...

They will come for you. Be relentless anyway

It has been approximately one year since leaving my position as the Waupaca County Health and Human Services director, reminding me how quickly times passes. So much has happened over the past year… good, bad and indifferent. The world has changed, and we’ve changed with it — we’ve learned so much about doing things differently, and that sometimes different is better. It is hard to believe that we can go back to what we knew as ‘normal’. In fact, I would say it is our moral obligation to not...

The Surviving Spirit Newsletter April 2021

Hi Folks, The latest edition of the Surviving Spirit Newsletter is posted at the website - Once again I've tried to create a mix of articles, videos, music, books, podcasts, resources, etc, that offer Hope, Healing & Help. As the saying goes, “ Take what you like and leave the rest. ” or here's the PDF - To sign up for an e-mail copy, please...


Today, we know that approximately: 1/10 individuals will be challenged by their substance use 4 people will be directly impacted by an individuals substance use 1/6 children are challenged by a parent's active addiction. As health professionals and first responders, we are ideally positioned to provide the compassionate and trauma-informed care needed to dismantle the stigma that prevents families from receiving adequate care while simultaneously supporting families ability to heal. Visit...

Why The Future Of Work Prioritizes Mental Health (

Companies that support mental health —meaning, they talk about it, they work differently, they offer resources and normalize people using them, they train their leaders and managers to know how to support employees, and they hold people accountable for prioritizing mental health—see a 5:1 return on investment . Some of these companies might even (gasp) work fewer hours, but they are working better, smarter, more sustainably. In other words, they are more productive and higher performing.

"Brush Away Your Tears" - to all the survivors of childhood abuse-past and present

Hi folks, April is National Child Abuse, Sexual Assault Awareness and Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention Month. This is a song of mine I wrote many years ago to all the survivors of childhood abuse-past and present. You deserve healing and support. Take care, Michael. "Brush Away Your Tears" - YouTube - The song was also used in the film documentary - Boys & Men Healing Healing From Child Sexual Abuse -...

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