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August 2018

Happiness at Work Quiz []

Many of us probably don’t associate “happiness” with “work.” But maybe we should: Studies suggest that happy people are actually more productive and successful, and less likely to leave their jobs. This quiz measures how happy you are when you’re on the clock. It’s based on research that has identified key factors to happiness at work. [For more on this story, go to ]


In June, a group of Crawford County residents who are active participants in local work to create a trauma-informed community had the opportunity to attend a six-day workshop in Pittsburgh led by Reverend Paul Abernathy. Reverend Abernathy is the Director of FOCUS Pittsburgh and is part of a coalition that is leading the way in trauma-informed community development ( TICD ). We were joined by other groups from across the country including folks from Petersburg , Virginia , Richmond ,...

For Addicted Women, the Year After Childbirth Is the Deadliest []

Katie Raftery was in a Massachusetts prison for drug-related crimes when she found out she was pregnant with her second child. A longtime heroin user, she was released to a residential drug treatment program where she stayed for seven months, until her baby was born. She got through pregnancy and drug treatment without a hitch and delivered a healthy baby boy with no complications. But at exactly six weeks after childbirth, Raftery said she started feeling lonely, empty and disengaged. The...

Paid Leave From Work Can Help Domestic-Violence Victims Leave Abusers []

“Just leave.” It’s the advice many domestic-violence victims hear most. But leaving—the meetings with lawyers, the court appearances, the apartment hunting, the counseling sessions, the all-consuming physical and emotional path to recovery—requires time and flexibility. Dawn Dalton, the policy director at the Washington, D.C., Coalition Against Domestic Violence, said scheduling demands are consistently the largest obstacle standing between the victim and a different life: “I hear, again and...

Four Self-Care Habits to Practice at Work (

Self-compassion engenders resilience; it empowers you to be nimble and flexible, and gives you the ability to identify problems, accept negative feedback from others, and change habits that no longer serve you. (In Silicon Valley parlance, it enables you to “pivot.”) This type of openness to change and resilience to setbacks helps you grow, learn, form good habits, and, ultimately, be more successful. Four ways to practice self-care at work Practicing self-compassion is as important as...

How to Unleash The Great Perfection of Creativity (

Creativity can be seen as a state of natural flow, one that spontaneously and effortlessly gives birth not only to manifest form, but to all experiences of body, energy, and mind. This state of flow, which has its roots in openness, occurs only in the absence of hope and fear. It is at once naturally joyful, peaceful, compassionate, expansive, and powerful. When you know how to tap fully into this open, creative flow, its beneficial qualities can extend to any area of your life. You can...

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