BOUNCE - Jefferson County (KY)

Bounce is a coalition of community partners working together to build the resiliency of children and families by improving knowledge about the impact of ACEs and the skills to help people bounce back from adversity. We do this by: educating and training; strengthening referral networks; measuring impact; and advocating for policies that support trauma-informed communities.

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Rene Howitt founder of COPE24...Changing Our Parenting Experience. We are promoting the need to make parenting and child development education a priority in all high schools reaching all students. We produce curriculum and reality-based videos that target the student population. The teachers/educators can utilize our resources as supplemental material to textbooks. You can view trailers of our videos at

Introducing the 5 Newest ACEs Connection Communities (February, 2019)

Please welcome and explore the five newest communities to join our network in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, and North Carolina. 4 New Communities Join ACEs Connection! BOUNCE - Jefferson County (KY) Edgecombe County (NC) ACEs Connection First 5 Alabama ACEs Connection Healthy Charlotte County (FL) ACEs Connection Newark (NJ) Trauma-Informed Community Network Please find more details about each one of them below. Follow links for a list of all of our ACEs Connection communities or...

2019 Starting & Growing Resilient Communities: Online & In Real Life (IRL) Webinar Series

ACEs Connection presents, "Starting & Growing Resilient Communities: Online & In Real Life (IRL)" , an interactive webinar training series focused on developing existing and potential online community managers and IRL ACEs champions. If you are not a current online community manager, please know that ALL are welcome. This series is dedicated to providing insight into creating sustainable and effective online & IRL ACEs intiatives. "Starting & Growing Resilient Communities:...

For first time, SAMHSA's annual children’s mental health event focuses on trauma

It is both remarkable and natural that the theme of the 2018 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) May 10th Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day event was “Partnering for Health and Hope Following Trauma”—remarkable to hear “ACEs” and “trauma-informed” roll off the tongues of all the federal officials (some seasoned, some new appointees in the Trump Administration) and natural as the awareness of ACEs science grows at lighting speed…at least it feels that way.

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