Broward County (FL) ACEs Connection

A network for community members, professionals and leaders to collaborate across sectors in a movement to prevent and address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), heal from trauma, and build resilience. We encourage the use of this network to collaborate across sectors and find resources within South Florida communities moving to transform our community into one of hope, healing, and resilience.

Blog Posts

Mapping the Link Between Life Expectancy and Educational Opportunity []

By Renee Ryberg, Nadia Orfali Hall, Claire Kelley, Jessica Warren, and Kristen Harper, Child Trends, January 2020 In 2015, an average 15-year-old could expect to live to age 79. However, teens living in the 1 percent of neighborhoods with the lowest life expectancies could expect to live to 70—a lifespan nine years shorter. Educational attainment, a key social determinant of health, is one of the most powerful predictors of life expectancy. This association has strengthened over the past 20...

After Bryce Gowdy’s suicide, let’s elevate the conversation about poverty’s effects on youth | Commentary [The Orlando Sentinel]

By Shannon Green, The Orlando Sentinel, January 3, 2020 Are you going to be OK, mom? Shibbon Winelle said those were among the final words uttered by her son, Bryce Gowdy, before he left their motel room and stood in front of a freight train. Bryce, who was 17, died of suicide a week before the Deerfield Beach football star was due to start classes at Georgia Tech on a scholarship Jan. 6. Bryce, his mom and his brothers were homeless again, and family members said he wrestled with his...

An Early Childhood Development Expert Explains How Trauma and Stress Can Derail a Kid’s Life []

By Cooper Levey-Baker, Sarasota, December 19, 2019 Mimi Graham has spent her life fighting for kids. She began her career in the late 1970s as a Head Start administrator before moving into the world of academia to study child development and advocate for public policies that improve the health of mothers and children. Today, she’s the director of Florida State University’s Center for Prevention & Early Intervention Policy, a position in which she advises government agencies and...

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