Faces of ACEs Video Showing at Savoy Theater Great Success!

It was a full house last at the Savoy Theater, in Montpelier VT, to see Kim Pierce's video, "Faces of ACEs." They had a second showing since not everyone who had come out on a windy, snowy Sunday evening could get in for the first showing.

Faces of ACEs Video Showing

The video is a very moving account of Kim's work screening her patients at the Plainfield Health Center for ACEs, and their responses to the screening. It is clear that the discussions about ACEs and their connections to life patterns is transformative for the patients. Kim does an excellent job providing her patients information and then support as the conversation proceeds. Her caring and commitment is evident, and her skill is impressive.

Kim also interviewed me and Priscilla White in the video about our work to bring Dr. Vincent Felitti to Vermont in 2013 to engage the medical field (which is when Kim learned about ACEs), and the subsequent work that resulted in Building Flourishing Communities.

I know there is interest in having the video shown at other areas around the state. Kim works full time as a physician's assistant, and her time is limited, but if you would like a showing, respond here and we'll see what we can do.


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That’d be great, Cissy. Should I write something specific for the larger community? There are some assumptions in that piece (like, you’re from Vermont and know what the Savoy Theater is!). If you think it works fine as is, though, that’s fine too – you’d have a better eye for that than I would.

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